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Welcome to Ohio Lady Jayhawks

The Ohio Lady Jayhawks are an Elite Girls Travel Basketball Program located in Central Ohio (Columbus Area) who is dedicated to helping young women achieve their dreams of going to college and using basketball as a means of doing so, by competing for Division I, II, and III Scholarships while stressing goals of Academic success to achieve their dreams. The program competes in the Elite World of Girls Basketball at the National level during the spring/summer exposure season.
The program was originally founded in 2003 by James Hull who then partnered with Brandon Johnson in 2004 to create this Elite Travel Program that provides young women with an opportunity to play competitive basketball at a very high level in front of College Coaches and Scouts. The Ohio Lady Jayhawks provide teams for High School age players and strive to put the most competitive teams on the court, working on player development, teaching the athletes good sportsmanship, hard work and dedication. This ensures that every player would be able to play up to their fullest potential.
The Ohio Lady Jayhawks are ranked as one of the TOP 5 organizations in Central Ohio and TOP 10 organizations within the State of Ohio. The spring/summer schedule covers approximately 12-15 events and is one of the TOP College Exposure schedules in the country. The teams will be playing during every Open Exposure period for DI,DII and DIII throughout the Midwest, South and East Coast.
The Ohio Lady Jayhawks is a Not-for-Profit organization that relies completely on the participants for financial support. Throughout its existence, the Ohio Lady Jayhawks have been maintained through strong partnerships with the parents of the organization.
After the 2010 season, Coach Jim Hull retired and Brandon Johnson continues as the Program Director and President of the club. The Jayhawks have had several players receive scholarships at the college level, for a list of these players, visit the Alumni Page.

Contact Information

Brandon Johnson, Program Director

Cell – 614.309.8738

Email – brandon_johnson@sbcglobal.net